This is Why We Show

As I mentioned in my introductory post, the inspiration for starting an agriculture blog came after I attended  the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course this past summer. As a Livestock Ambassador, I am privileged to advocate for the livestock industry and the values that we stand for. 

As a result of the cancellation of the 2021 Fort Worth Stock Show, our ambassador program leaders have launched a social media campaign entitled “ This is Why We Show” to remind us of the many reasons,  outside the show ring, that we participate in junior livestock shows. 

There will be a word for each day of the week starting today, and my fellow ambassadors and I have been tasked with creating social media content pertaining to the word for each day. I’ll be writing a short (read: ridiculously long because I love telling stories) blog post about what each of the words means to me, and I hope both kids and parents in the show industry will be able to relate to some of the examples and stories I include. Be on the lookout for posts throughout the week! I’ll be posting each one on Grow For It as well as on my Facebook page.

#thisiswhyweshow #youthlivestockmatters

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