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Day 6: Work Ethic

September 2018. My freshman year of high school, and my first year as Vice President of our FFA chapter conducting team. Those familiar with the event know the amount of work that goes into it. Opening ceremonies alone took the entirety of freshman year to learn, but now they’re so engraved into my mind thatContinue reading “Day 6: Work Ethic”

Day 5: Sportsmanship

Winning and losing. Succeeding and failing. Very different things with a very similar end result: the revelation of one’s true character.  Before I ever set foot in a show ring, my parents made one thing very clear: no matter my feelings about how a judge placed a class, I would not make those feelings obviousContinue reading “Day 5: Sportsmanship”

Day 4: Leadership

“ The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.” – Seth Godin  I’m usually not big on using quotes. I prefer putting things into my own words. However, this certain quote emphasizes an aspect of leadership that I see as theContinue reading “Day 4: Leadership”

Day 3: Confidence

I believe that confidence can either be a learned skill or an intrinsic one. Some learn best by observing others before they take action, and others jump in head first with a Hail Mary. When I was 5, I showed in my very first peewee showmanship contest at a small weekend jackpot. As the otherContinue reading “Day 3: Confidence”

Day 2: Determination

Determination. Oh boy. My mom could probably write a book about the woes that accompany raising willful, determined kids. A type of tenacity that’s never disrespectful, but always persistent. A nagging that could lead the most patient of souls to the edge of insanity. Unfortunately for me, I inherited this personality trait from the queenContinue reading “Day 2: Determination”

Day 1: Responsibility

Let me set the scene for you: Fort Worth Stock Show, 2018. I was 14: old enough to drive in the state of South Dakota, and certainly old enough to keep up with my personal belongings in a small cattle barn in Texas. Or so one would think.  All of our combs were, quite literally,Continue reading “Day 1: Responsibility”

This is Why We Show

As I mentioned in my introductory post, the inspiration for starting an agriculture blog came after I attended  the Texas 4-H Livestock Ambassador Short Course this past summer. As a Livestock Ambassador, I am privileged to advocate for the livestock industry and the values that we stand for.  As a result of the cancellation ofContinue reading “This is Why We Show”

Feeding on Fear

“I now say that the world has the technology—either available or well advanced in the research pipeline—to feed on a sustainable basis a population of 10 billion people. The more pertinent question today is whether farmers and ranchers will be permitted to use this new technology?” Norman Borlaug, 2000 A very good question indeed, Mr.Continue reading “Feeding on Fear”

Paying the Price

Last week after talking about misleading labels, I decided to do a little investigating to get more detailed information about said labels and compare prices. So on Friday afternoon, I donned my favorite hoodie and lurked around the ridiculously cold meat section in HEB until my fingers turned blue and the guy stocking shelves startedContinue reading “Paying the Price”

Misreading or Misleading?

Hormones and antibiotics. Scary words to hear associated with your food, right? Wrong. Let me explain.  You (or for some of my readers, your mom) are at the grocery store browsing through the meat section, and you reach down to grab a whole chicken so you can make homemade chicken noodle soup in celebration ofContinue reading “Misreading or Misleading?”


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