Paying the Price

Last week after talking about misleading labels, I decided to do a little investigating to get more detailed information about said labels and compare prices. So on Friday afternoon, I donned my favorite hoodie and lurked around the ridiculously cold meat section in HEB until my fingers turned blue and the guy stocking shelves startedContinue reading “Paying the Price”

Misreading or Misleading?

Hormones and antibiotics. Scary words to hear associated with your food, right? Wrong. Let me explain.  You (or for some of my readers, your mom) are at the grocery store browsing through the meat section, and you reach down to grab a whole chicken so you can make homemade chicken noodle soup in celebration ofContinue reading “Misreading or Misleading?”

The Big Introduction

Hey y’all! I’m Laura James, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting myself into with this blog thing. I understand that all good things take time, of course, but who knew it would take 14 hours to get the thing set up?! I had the idea to start an agricultural blog after attendingContinue reading “The Big Introduction”